Acu-Strike Impact Golf Training Mat For Outdoors.

Size: 19″ x 10″

  • The Acu-Strike Impact Golf Training Mat employs a special fiber fabric that is designed to leave a dark mark that shows you where your club head hit in relation to the ball.
  • After you see the Mark left on the mat, *Your Swing Path*, you can instantly begin to correct your swing. This will help you correct your predominant swing path errors because Now You Can See It.!……” NO MORE GUESSING”…….”Great Practice and Training Aid”
  • This is a Great Teaching , Training , and Practice Aid to be used on grass only. Using on a harder surface may result in damage to the mat.


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  • From 12th December, orders will be dispatched next business day. 

  • Due to the nature of the product, we do not accept returns or requests for refunds. If you have a mat with manufacturing fault, please contact